Your Tacit Consent


“Your Tacit Consent”

Weary of bloodshed, we raced to amend —
but had we been listening more closely —
Vague hints at stasis would surely portend
how we would be beguiled, and so grossly.

With daily reports of carnage and death:
A wedding — A funeral — A child.
Who are these people, deprived of life’s breath,
with bodies permissibly defiled?

“Collateral damage” — rashly affirmed
by laureates and paid pundits alike.
Flesh torn asunder — remains unconfirmed;
Relax!  You’ve endorsed this “limited” strike.

Drone bombs are dropped, with a wink and a nod,
by a man with medallion reflecting.
“Forward!”  “Hope!” “Change!” — a bromidic facade,
both for us and those whom we’re electing.


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