20 Reasons Why The Government Shutdown Is Silly (BuzzFeed-esque)

boehner obama

As the United States government shutdown endures, Americans are earnestly seeking to identify the (political) party most deserving of blame.  Social media, from Facebook to Twitter, is positively abuzz with heated debate, and predictable partisan division.  In our haste, many of us have overlooked or forgotten just how far we’ve come!  While Republicans and Democrats in Washington squabble over how soon we’re to reinstitute national park services, and benefits to those for whom dependence has been fostered, we citizens should happily focus on just how much bipartisan agreement there is to be found in our nation’s capital.  What follows is a depiction of the bipartisanship typified by those we’ve elected to lead us in Washington:

Our elected leaders, both Republican and Democrat, agree that force and/or the threat of force should be used to extract your property (money) from your possession..

irs gun

…to fund things like:

Drone bombing “suspected terrorists”…


…who often happen to be innocent men and women..

drone victims

…and civilian first responders..


…and children…


…and innocent American teenagers from Denver, Colorado…


There’s near total bipartisan agreement on issues like:

Continuing the War on Drugs..which disproportionally targets minorities.

blacks in jail

Keeping US soldiers in Afghanistan so that they can guard opium.


Imposing “crippling sanctions” on Iran..of the variety that killed 500,000 to 1,000,000 children in Iraq.

Force-feeding inmates cleared for release in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


Prosecuting whistleblowers who seek to disclose evidence of unconstitutional government overreach..including: torture, war crimes, and unchecked systems of surveillance.

U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning is seen handcuffed as he is escorted from the courtroom after a day of his court martial trial at Fort Meade

Making sure that peaceful people NEVER consume raw milk.


Providing the Department of Homeland Security with 2,700 of these..


…and 2,000,000,000 of these..


and never..NEVER doubting the hilarity of this..

…or this…

…or the necessity of this…


..or this..


..or this..


..or this…


If only we could get MORE bipartisan agreement..surely ALL of our problems would be solved.  I sincerely hope that our gallant, judicious elected officials find a way to set aside their petty differences, and arrive at the widely-held, glaringly-obvious conclusion —  Republicans and Democrats are virtually indistinguishable.  The sooner they remember this..the sooner @FLOTUS will be able to grace twitter with her glorious tweets!



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