Pakistan Drone Victims

Am I right, America?  I mean, they HAVE TO BE!

Brown people“…namely those in countries like Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Sudan, Egypt, and Syria have been, and continue to be, subjected to American taxpayer-supported, voter-endorsed, silence-approved slaughter, and oppression, of untold proportions.  The ONLY explanation for America’s collective indifference to the plight of a suffering, tortured mass of people is that “we” don’t actually recognize them as “people.”

I arrived at the uncomfortable truth that Americans consider “brown people” to be “less than human” through a process of deduction.  As Americans, we (unquestioningly) hold the “immortal declaration” in the highest regard:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

and so..

If all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, such as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, THEN men cannot lawfully (or morally) bomb, shoot, oppress, gas, starve, blockade, or irradiate non-aggressing men.

Men ARE bombing, shooting, oppressing, gassing, starving, blockading, and irradiating non-aggressing men.

Thus, not all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, such as Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Why might the “immortal declaration” no longer ring true?

Racism?  Improbable.   Americans have gone to great lengths to distance themselves from accusations of racism.  We’ve instituted “anti-discrimination” reforms such as “affirmative action,” while we carefully self-police our language, and actions.  We publicly, and collectively, excoriate those, like Paula Deen and Riley Cooper, who cross the bounds we’ve settled upon as a progressive, race-conscious society.  Pay no mind to the “war on drugs,” which, without question, disproportionally targets minority communities.  It CAN’T be racism, right?

Religious intolerance?  Absurd.  Sure, most “brown people,” being persecuted as a matter of “policy,” tend to practice a religion that differs from that of a majority of Americans.  BUT, that religion, professed by three quarters of the American population, is a religion peace!  It heralds the return of the “Prince of Peace,” while promoting his message of unconditional love for all, including thine enemy.  Pay no mind to the “Golden Rule” being vigorously booed during a nationally televised political debate.  It CAN’T be religious intolerance, right?

Ignorance?  Not a chance!  Americans NEVER make uninformed decisions.  They’re continuously informed via a venerated American media machine that has never, would never, be complicit in unquestioningly, dutifully advancing unsubstantiated information that would lead to the violent deaths of hundreds of thousands of “brown people.”  Americans know what they’re voting for, endorsing, and funding.  “Those weapons of mass destruction gotta be somewhere!”  It CAN’T be ignorance, right?

Lack of compassion?  Hate?  Malice?  Impossible.  Americans have shown, and continue to display, their capacity for compassion.  One need only look to recent tragedies like the Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooting, the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre, and the Boston Marathon Bombing for overwhelming displays of empathy, and understanding from the collective America.  We stand defiant in the face of those who would target, and slaughter INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS.   Pay no mind to the drone bombing of an innocent, 16 year old American from Denver, who was a “brown person,” OR the Nobel laureate responsible.  It CAN’T be a lack of compassion, right?

So..  it must be that “brown people” are simply, biologically “less than human.”  How else could Americans endorse, support, and fund policies like these:

Drone bombing innocent “brown people,” and justifying it with a hollow term like “collateral damage.”  Nearly 200 innocent children, slaughtered while they played, ate, or slept soundly in their beds..dreaming “less than human” dreams.

Drone bombing innocent civilian first responders in “double tap” drone strikes, while they valiantly put care to the wind, and risked their “less than human” lives to offer first-aid to dying “less than human” beings, of questionable “guilt.”

Indefinitely detaining innocent “brown people” for over a decade who’ve endured torturous treatment, have never been charged with a crime, and been cleared for release for years WHILE forcibly feeding them as they protest their “less than human” treatment with peaceful hunger strikes.

Employing “crippling sanctions” of the variety which conservative estimates hold to be responsible for the deaths of over 500,000 “brown children.”  “We think the price is worth it,” seeing as they’re “less than human” children.

Overthrowing democratically-elected governments, and installing brutal, repressive dictators to rule over the “less than human” population of numerous countries.  Violently quelling dissent with American-made weapons, purchased through a foreign-aid transfer of wealth.

Providing brutal dictators with strategic military information that aids them in ability to gas “brown people” in another country to death.

Dispersing radioactive depleted uranium munitions across an entire region, to the detriment of countless, innocent, “less than human” “brown people.”

Imprisoning whistleblowers who expose war crimes such as the unconscionable slaying of “less than human” civilian journalists, and targeting of unarmed “less than human” civilian first responders.

Preemptively invading sovereign nations based on (AT BEST) inaccurate intelligence, resulting in the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of innocent, “less than human” “brown people.”

The atrocities against “less than human” “brown people” are as innumerable as they are harrowing.  Would America tolerate even ONE of the aforementioned acts were it to be committed against its population?  Should any nation?  People?  Person?  As America lazily readies for yet..another..war.. which will surely spell death for untold INNOCENT “brown people,”  I’m struck with a thought:

What if, instead of endless, pointless banter about whether Miley Cyrus’ attempted “twerking” at last night’s MTV VMA’s was hot/not, we took a step back, and asked ourselves if ANYONE in the world should feel justified in claiming the authority to take the life of an innocent human being…whether it’s called “terrorism,” or “collateral damage.”  Then, perhaps, we can get to more personal questions about the hand we undoubtedly lend to the committal of the aforementioned atrocities.

One final thought:  What if the scores of slain, mutilated, starved, and irradiated “less than human” “brown people,” whose lives have been forever altered by American foreign policy, are actually just as human as you..or me..or Miley Cyrus?

Perhaps the revelation would inspire us to speak out, and share this information..about the misery our policies are causing humans around the world, whose hearts beat just like our own.  If you’re convinced ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, please consider taking a moment of your time to PROVE IT.  While it’s likely too late for the innocent civilians in Syria who stand to die at the hand of US military intervention..speaking out, NOW, is hardly an act of futility.

In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr.  poignantly surmised:

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

You know, in your equally created, beating heart, that King’s words are true.  Now, get out there, and say something!!



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