SHOCKING Revelation About Edward Snowden And His Girlfriend!!



If you came here looking for information you hoped would help dismiss/tarnish/bolster “Edward Snowden” the person, consider this a friendly reminder to (re)focus on the message..NOT the messenger.  The corporate media is dutifully disseminating establishment talking points in an attempt to assassinate the character of one ”geeky,” “narcissistic,” “coward,” who’s a “high school dropout,” a “traitor,” and who may or may not be “the national security Kim Kardashian.”  The attention being paid to the character of the NSA leaker, Edward Snowden, comes at the expense of attention which the revelation of a secretive, unconstitutional, immoral surveillance state commands.  We must RESIST being drawn into the soap operatic distraction which is the character analysis of Edward Snowden, and redirect our attention to the increasingly neglected debate over whether a secretive surveillance state is compatible with our desire to maximize human freedom.

It’s the message…not the man.


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