What Kind Of Coward Is Edward Snowden?


Let’s get right into the meat of the massive, still developing, scandal that is the revelation of the size/scope/activity of the American surveillance state.  The question that’s on the minds/lips of every “journalist,” media pundit, and national politician within arms-reach of their White House talking-points check list..  The question that’s being posed subtly, through insinuation, and not-so-subtly, by name..  The most important, pressing, relevant question of the day:

Exactly what kind of coward is Edward Snowden?

Let’s analyze this through a series of questions.

What kind of coward would decide, at only 29 years old, to single-handedly expose, and subsequently challenge, the most powerful, sophisticated, technologically-advanced government in the history of the world?

What kind of coward would willingly/consciously abandon:
The comforts of a lifestyle afforded by a job paying roughly $200,000 a year?
A home in Hawaii, shared by a girlfriend?
All intimate relationships with family, friends, and loved ones (including the aforementioned girlfriend)?
The stability/familiarity of living in the country of your birth, and native language?

What kind of coward, at 29 years old, would consciously/willfully challenge arguably the most advanced intelligence agencies in the world to employ surveillance technology of unfathomable complexity in what’s sure to become a manhunt of epic proportions?

What kind of coward would choose to invite that manhunt in a country or continent with which they were largely unfamiliar?

What kind of coward would subject his life, accomplishments, and character to 24/7 scrutiny from the esteemed American media machine?

What kind of coward would challenge an administration that has asserted, and acted on the assertion, that they have the authority to assassinate US citizens without regard for those rights past generations believed to be enshrined in our founding document, such as due process?

What kind of coward would challenge an administration that has asserted the authority to indefinitely detain American citizens?

What kind of coward would challenge a government that has, in the past decade, tortured people TO DEATH, with impunity?

What kind of coward would invite uncertainty/instability of incalculable proportions into his life for the idea that Americans, indeed the world, should be permitted to publicly debate the scope of a secret, pervasive surveillance grid which, besides violating the 4th Amendment, has the potential to usher in a technological tyranny over the whole of humanity?

What kind of coward would risk the majority of humanity misinterpreting his actions as being those of a “traitor”..?

What kind of coward would be confident enough in the rightness of his convictions to risk having a majority of humanity be misled into believing he’s a “traitor” to his county? (Note: pundits have already called for his execution for “treason.”)

What kind of coward would recognize/weigh everything he stood to lose, and decide that an idea like “freedom” was worth the risk?


The kind of coward you could only hope to be.


29 responses to “What Kind Of Coward Is Edward Snowden?

  1. No one said he was a coward, just that he’s a liar and a traitor. Don’t like the laws passed by our government, upheld by the courts and carried out by the executive branch? Simple, leave…that’s what Snowden did.

    • “If you don’t like the laws passed, you should just leave.” Because obviously our congress and president only represent the will of the people, right?

      I’d rather do my part to preserve what made this nation great, and not go the way of the romans.

    • A traitor? He really did risk everything including his life which is still at risk to warn people that our CONSTITUTION is being violated and he gets called a traitor by you? No… The real traitors are the ones violating the constitution that made him want to warn the public. Plain and simple.

    • Good thing the founders didn’t “just leave”. No, they fought. One’ mans traitor is another mans patriot. Illegal laws deserve to be exposed. Your’s is the same argument slave owners used. blech! Make sure your wife is prepared for you to duck for cover if the courts, and executive branch ever uphold Prima Noctis.

    • Simple fact is that there is already a law in place that the courts can only surpass by actually amending. It’s called the right to privacy. Constitutional LAW. And yes, many people have accused Snowden of cowardice tactics.

      And how is a person who reveals an illegal spying program funded by the tax dollar in a plan concoted by PUBLIC servants, to the citizens of the USA (PRIVATE citizens) the same as being a traitor? A traitor to the Government and government loyalists like yourself, yes, but a traitor to the American people and founding principles of this Country? No.

      Treason you say? To commit treason Snowden must aid the enemy, do you consider every domestic US citizen the enemy? If that is the case, YOU are committing treason; as treason is also a case of declaring war on the people of the USA.

    • GOD ALWAYS use someone to present a light of truth from the midst of a spiritually bankrupt society.Maybe you think America is heaven on earth or something,show me where that is in scripture.Jesus says to his disciples,pick up your CROSS and come follow me.Looks like Snowden has picked up a cross and it looks like most of us are just going along to get along with a big bullying,lying government,not controlled by the people but controlled by lobbyist & special interest groups.The Congress has been selling this country out since 1913.”Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”- Thomas Jefferson.

    • Snowden did not just leave because he did not like what he saw. He is a traitor. Do we all like what our government does, ? No, but we do not turn against our nation and burn it down or destroy the its security apparatus.

  2. Dan, I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said, brother. History will exonerate Snowden, though I don’t envy him his future.

  3. So Obama sells nuclear technology to China and he’s great, but one man points out the unconstitutional spying on American Citizens and he’s now a Traitor. I’d suggest pulling your head from your ass, Suffocation is a real threat.

    • what ever Obama sold to any nation the congress has to approve it. That’s what folks like you don’t understand in the workings of the government. As long as Obama’s name is involved, bigots like you lose your senses.

  4. I wish I had his balls. This just goes to show you how utterly oppressive our government really is to the very people they are supposed to SERVE. If this doesn’t wake you up. what will?

  5. With all due respect, the North American media strategy is working in speed! So sad that you can’t solve you’re domestic problems, always trying to destabilize other countries for the benefit of which democratic life? The Christians? The Jews? The Irish?

    I hope more people like Snowden come out to tell the world what you’re govt is trying to do. Is it so important to control? And what is love for the country?

    You’re homeland belongs to the Indians and not to the colonist, so why all that pride to serve? Listen, you’re all misleaded, just like 9/11, watergate, pearl harbor, WOI and WOII etc. Try to wake up! Wy spying in a democratic system? You Yankees still live in the 80’s or something, stop destroying the world, mind your own business and be happy on your colonist land.

    • Salman. I’m a Red Sox fan. What is this YANKEES nonsense? ..You really zinged us with that “livin in the 80’s” comment – “with all due respect” Give me a break. I don’t always agree with our government. Not hardly. Many of us don’t. But for every idiot, there is a damn whip-smart American trying to make the world a better place. We’re the country that brought you Jazz, Apple, Hip-Hop, Cinema, etc. So please stop lumping Americans into one “Yankee” category, while sugar-coating your insults by pre-empting them with the tired “all respect” line.

  6. I pray that we could all be as “cowardly” as this man.
    What will he reveal about this country that we don’t already somewhat know?
    I hope this opens peoples’ eyes on the disgusting nature of this administration, which has been peeling our freedoms away like an onion, making everybody cry…
    Here’s a man who decided to do something because he was in a position to do it! He doesn’t only deserve our support… quite frankly, he’s already earned it, along with respect and God’s speed!

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  8. Well written. I’m also tired of seeing so many people in so many places argue that Edward Snowden is guilty of something because he “ran.” As though the Surveillance State is OK just because a whistle-blower is dodging further unfair treatment.


    A good coward perhaps, but still, a stupid one. You’re welcome to be like him if you want, but no thanks for me.

  10. This is exactly why the Government has no business compiling this information on us, what if it were a bad guy instead of Snowden who done this? “If our Government hadn’t been collecting this info on us in the first place then it never would have happened. National Security? Looks more like “National catastrophe” incited by our own Government. ” “Our Government takes this info and the call it constitutional. Snowden takes it and they call it espionage! Our governments own hunger for control created this mess, now we need to hold our Government accountable!”

  11. The only cowards here are the ones willing to accept whatever intelligence gathering the government deems is for our “security”.

    Doesn’t anyone ever wonder, what’s next? If this isn’t too much what it is? Who will stop them if they decide this isn’t enough? Let’s keep in mind you are much more likely to die in a car accident than a terrorist attack. Actually, you are many many times more likely to die in the yearly gun violence that occurs in this country.

    Are people really willing to give the government whatever rights it wants to our information, to our privacy? If you are, you are the coward, and the traitor.

  12. There is no way you have ever served something larger than your ego.

    Snowden, an adult, who signed a number of documents and contractual agreements with our country in exchange for his position and clearance, knew what he was doing. He was not enslaved.

    If, as a contractor, you have issues, there are numerous ways to raise concerns to which he did not avail himself.

    Now he unilaterally decides to expose information without any concern to those who may lose their lives in the process.

    I say we either bring him back and hang him along with Manning and/or take him out in place (to reduce further damage).

    I am not going to discuss his bizarre flight path and earning a 6-figure salary (while being a tech without a formal education).

    He is something- traitor, spy, liar, (yes coward)- certainly nothing worth emulating in any sense of the word.

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