Kill Lists Aren’t Born, They’re Made.. a Nobel laureate.


Lookin’ for a scandal?  Who isn’t?  You can turn on MSNBC and catch Rachel Maddow break down the latest bridge collapse “scandal,” or head over to FOX and Friends for the latest about Michelle Obama’s most recent luxury vacay.  MSNBC’s Chris Matthews will catch you up on the most recent “racist code language” he’s been able to decipher, with the aid of the esteemed Southern Poverty Law Center (Spoiler: “antiwar” = racist).  You could flip over to CNN, and catch Piers Morgan explaining the importance of the scandalous assault rifle culture in America, and how those guns would be better suited in the hands of the rebels repelling tyranny in Syria.  Actually, I believe Piers is currently reprising his EXCLUSIVE coverage of the infamous “poop cruise” scandal, which rocked the mainstream media tv-waves for DAYS longer than the oceans waves sloshed foul water throughout the actual Carnival Fun Ship.  Oooooh!  We’ve got a new one!  Apparently, Adam Levin, of Maroon 5 super-stardom, was caught saying that he hates ‘Merica.  *RABBLE* RABBLE* RABBLE*  What I’m getting at is, there’s no shortage of scandals.  Scandals keep viewers glued to the tube, and..well..they don’t make the world go ’round..but certainly grease the skids for our corporate-sponsor overlords!  So, why aren’t all scandalous topics, deserving of attention, covered by our media?  Excellent question!

I’ve identified at least three (3) types of scandals.  There’s probably more, and certainly subsets within each of these three I’ve identified:

1)  The “Bread and Butter”

This is your everyday, run-of-the-mill cash-cow scandal.  The “bread and butter” is the type of scandal that you’re probably gonna see/hear the instant you click on NBC/ABC/CBS/MSNBC/FOX/CNN/HLN.  It’s the fools gold.  The shiny stuff that plays on your lower emotions, and pulls you into the trance.  If you catch yourself thinking “Why am I reading this stupid blog when I could be finding out what Bill O’Reilly has to say about that Maroon 5 guy,” you’re familiar with the “bread and butter” scandal.  The mainstream media LOVES the “bread and butter.”  It subsists off it!  Thankfully, the mainstream media is swiftly losing its credibility, and Americans are turning to alternative media in droves.  This brings us to the next type of scandal:

2)  “The Fighter”

The “Fighter” is your partisan scandal.  Your heavily politicized leak scandal which (ostensibly) negatively impacts one of the teams.  The “Fighter” requires a genuine understanding of American government.  You have two teams:  Republicans and Democrats.  They have an intense, burning rivalry.  Most of the players genuinely cannot stand the players on the opposing team.  Both teams play in the same league.  The league is owned by a relatively small number of people.  While the two teams appear to oppose each other, on closer inspection…their differences are trivial.  From administration to administration, nothing of substance ever changes.  Domestic policy, monetary policy, and foreign policy remain largely unchanged.  Both teams grow government, at the expense of the personal/economic liberty of the individual.  NOW, back to the “fighter.”  There are elements of our government (“elements” assumes that govt by nature is legitimate) that are totally corrupt.  They engage in acts which are criminal, unconstitutional, immoral, and largely unknown.  Occasionally, these acts become known, and a “fighter” is born.  Examples of some recent “fighters” are: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting the Tea Party, and the confiscation of Associated Press phone records by the DoJ.  It’s important to note, the media is also divided into teams.  MSNBC shills for the Democrats.  FOX is a front for the Conservatives.  CNN is the mopey, opportunistic buzzard tearin’ at the largest remaining scraps.  These “fighters” genuinely pose a risk to the government teams, indeed the entire system.  Each “fighter” effectively awakens a certain amount of people to the reality of our two-party scam.  Ultimately, the “fighter” is dealt a final blow.  The media skillfully sets the narrative, patsies take the fall, and one of the teams is seen as gaining legitimacy to set/resume the (predetermined) agenda.  The media has handled plenty of “fighters,” so, with established protocols, and an relatively low casualty rate (viewership lost forever from the newly awakened), the scandal is seen as a manageable ratings-booster.

3)  The “Untouchables”

The third scandal I’ve identified needs no explanation.  That would be how the media would describe it.  Seriously.  These are the scandals which threaten the entire “divide-conquer” two-party charade.  These are the back-breakers.  Scandals so heinous, so atrocious, that a mere mention might send someone down a Wikipedia wormhole so deep they might never resurface.  It’s on these scandals where those souls awakened by the “fighters” spend their time.  The non-partisan, delegitimizing trillion pound elephants in the room.  The “Untouchables” send media control-room operators into a tizzy.  They’re the reason the delay button was created.  It’s rumored that the actual “thrill” up Chris Matthews leg was caused by the mention of a particular “untouchable.”  Fear of “untouchables” turned Anderson Cooper’s hair white.   These are the scandals which inspired this blog, and the ones I’ll spend some time writing about.  There are MANY untouchables.. many degrees of untouch-ability.  So as not to entertain the “conspiracy theory” label, I’ll only touch those scandals which have dared to slip their way onto the airwaves for a brief moment in the disinfecting sunlight of truth.


-Depleted Uranium-

The United States is using / has used radioactive munitions.  These munitions are seriously affecting the health of all exposed.  Soldiers and civilians in the Middle East are experiencing the life-altering effects of this criminal, undiscriminating weapon of mass destruction.

-Extrajudicial Murder-

Did you know that our government is killing people around the world who are merely SUSPECTED of crimes?  Did I mention that at least 4 of the people killed have been American citizens?  In case you didn’t know, American citizens enjoy a right enshrined in the Constitution which WASN’T given to us by government.  I’m talking about a right to life, liberty, and property, which cannot be denied on the arbitrary whim of a government…unless that government be tyrannical.  This is called “Due Process.”  Did I mention that American citizens are being killed by the United States government without Due Process?

-Indefinite Detention-

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) contains in it language which has been interpreted to further the United States governments claim that folks it deems as being associated with terror organizations can be held as “enemy combatants,” and subsequently denied the protections a normal citizen (human) might believe they possess.  They can be held INDEFINITELY in military custody, without facing trial.  Just like the founders intended…

-Guantanamo Bay-

A United States military prison in Cuba where our government is said to keep the baddest of the bad guys.  86 of the prisoners held there have been cleared for release…for SIX years.  Over 100 prisoners are currently on a hunger strike to protest the conditions of their incarceration, with a number being force-fed (which is recognized as torture by international agencies).  The prisoners are being held in captivity without facing trial.  Doesn’t sound very American…(or does it?)


Everyone has heard of this scandal.  The “Untouchable” part is the truth!  The American public has been convinced that the criminal aspect of this scandal isn’t the revelation that our government/military are engaging in criminal activity..rather that a brave whistleblower DARED to expose crimes.  If you believe Army Private First Class Bradley Manning is anything other than a hero, you’ve bought the whole heap of government conditioning.  “Shooting the messenger” shouldn’t be a phrase that is tolerated in real, actual life.

-Libya Intervention-

War without the approval of Congress is scandalous, but certainly not novel.  The most recent manifestation of this egregious violation of the American system of checks and balances is President Obama’s unilateral military intervention in Libya.  Not only did the United States military intervene in Libya without Congressional approval, it bombed Libya well past the “get out of jail free” time allotment known as the War Powers Act.  When Obama’s lawyers were questioned as to what authority they believed permitted them to break the law, they explained that bombing a country didn’t qualify as “war.”  Classy little precedent…

-Kill List-

You may have heard about this scandal by its newer, fancier dress-name: “Disposition Matrix.”  <insert Chris Matthews “thrill up my leg” joke here>  The “kill list” is a triumph of executive usurpation.  Just imagine..  The President of the United States and sundry advisers meet on aptly-named “Terror Tuesday,” to compile a list of humans to be summarily executed by flying robots piloted thousands of miles away from the targets.  The President thumbs through a stack of potential targets, and, in a scene reminiscent of the Joaquin Phoenix “thumb down” in “The Gladiator,” decides the fate of a human.  In some instances, the targets are teenage girls, and American citizens.  An inordinate amount of innocent civilians are being slaughtered in the attempts to destroy the targeted humans our Executive et al. have identified as imminent threats to US national security.  Innocent civilians are also being slaughtered in “signature strikes,” which allow for people to be targeted, and remotely killed, for merely looking suspicious.  Innocent casualties are strangely “limited” in the official tally of these signature strikes because the Obama administration redefined the term “militant” to include “all military-aged males in a strike zone.”  A large amount of innocent lives are also snuffed in our next scandal..

-Double-Tap Drone Strikes-

It’s hard to imagine a more disgusting, dishonorable act than killing first responders in the midst of a rescue attempt.  You’d never imagine that your tax-money was funding it, would you?  Sure enough.  The United States has been drone bombing a target, waiting until people rush to the scene to aid ailing victims (LIKE ANY NORMAL HUMAN WOULD), and drone bombing the scene again.  Can you just imagine the horror were another bomb to have been detonated while the torrent of brave first-responders applied life-saving services to the unidentified victims of the recent Boston bombing?  No one knew the identities of the Boston bombing victims.  When life is on the line, innocence and guilt are peripheral concepts.  Assuming you’re a human being with a pulse, this scandal requires no further explanation.  It’s a pastime for cowards, and psychopaths.  We, the tax-payers, are their enablers.

One can only imagine how many “Untouchables” exist.  One of the culprits of at least some “Untouchables,” Former Secrety of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, explains best:

“There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns; that is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know.
But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know we don’t know.

Despite the litany of tax-payer/voting-sanctioned horrors I just detailed in the “fighters” and “untouchables” break-down, there’s plenty of encouragement to be had.  The sheer volume, and caliber, of “fighters” seems to indicate that the wheels are coming off the criminal syndicate known as the American Empire.  The government-media complex is being exposed.  Faith is being lost in our governing-body at record pace.  Americans are finally peering behind the curtain, and recognizing that the new boss is the same as the old boss..and they all work for the same boss..and..  Hey!  Wait!!  Did y’all hear that Amanda Bynes was arrested after she threw her 1-foot bong out her NYC window!??  OMG!!!  Did you see her blonde wig in court!  She’s a trainwreck!!  Ok, guys.. I’m gonna catch up on this breaking national news..  BYE!!!


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