Jodi Arias? BURN HER!!!!



Supposing you’re a “well-informed” cable news watching American…Jodi Arias needs no introduction..  If you happened to (unpatriotically) tune out the MSM.. allow me to catch you up..  She’s the Nancy Grace flavor-of-the-week..  The murder-porn soap du jour..  The woman who slaughtered her lover with a gunshot and two dozen stab what she claims was “self-defense.”  You may have missed this story of critical national it was snugly sandwiched between the “Poop Cruise” saga.. and the latest “Ooops!! Slipped through the intelligence agency cracks again because they didn’t have enough of your money/freedom” terror plot.  Ok..I concede that this trial may actually have some national significance..  If Jodi Arias is able to convince a jury that she was merely defending herself while she stabbed her lover 29 the heart..and back…slit his throat ear to ear.. and shot him in the head.. In effect “get away with murder”..then it would tell us….what we already know..  Oh..wait…but if she’s found guilty of her first-degree murder charge it will tell us…what we already know:


If Jodi Arias’ defense team is able to persuade a jury of Americans that her brutal assault on Travis Alexander isn’t “murder”.. I would be totally unsurprised.  We’re talking about Americans..  America.. The country where a “majority” just reelected a man who has carried out more targeted killings against “militants” (“all military-age males in a strike zone”) than any Nobel Peace Prize recipient in recent memory.  The country that can’t find Afghanistan on a map..let alone tell you why it’s necessary to bomb/occupy/send troops to die beyond some “patriotic” platitude.  The country that took pleasure in choosing between two men promising varying degrees of “crippling sanctions” and “all options on the table” re: Iran, and seemingly learned NOTHING from the million(?) dead Iraqi children as a result of a previous round of “crippling sanctions.”  Learned nothing from the recent “all options on the table” strategy that lead to a preemptive war against Iraq..tens of thousands of deaths..and a region poisoned by radioactive munitions.  A country that, after FINALLY being informed of an illegal, undeclared drone war by a filibuster that could not be ignored, polled in favor of the continuation of a targeted killing program that has and is slaughtering innocent men, women and children (including American citizens) in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Iraq.



“Wait.. what does that have to do with Jodi Arias?”  Well…I’ve just detailed a sizable/verifiable chunk of murder that America has either heartily endorsed with a vote for this system.. or tacitly endorsed by remaining silent..  Is it a stretch to assume that Americans don’t actually give a hoot about one more murder?  But “America DOES care!!” you cry from the internet..  “If America didn’t care.. it wouldn’t be on TV..and I wouldn’t have an opinion!”  Thank you for bringing me to my next point..

All across America, folks who oppose murder are tuned in to the HLN channel and/or hovering over their twitter feed in anticipation of the Jodi Arias verdict.  Millions of Americans who “oppose” murder are hoping that Jodi Arias is found guilty of first-degree murder..and sentenced to death.  Did that slip by you?  Oppose murder.. Sentenced to death.  It’s almost too perfect.  In my eyes, it’s more American than apple pie, or NSYNC.  In America we put someone on trial (if they’re lucky).. and accept the notion that WE can grant an entity (the state) a right which we ourselves do not possess.  In this’s the aforementioned “right” to murder.  I can’t speak to the depth to which most of my fellow Americans understand/grasp/agree with this interpretation of the state and rights (superficial at best?), but I believe most would agree it’s not a popular topic at the pub..(at least not the same week that Honey Boo Boo’s momma married Sugar Bear!)..  Americans aren’t permitted to steal.. but.. through the magic of govt. … property (money) is extracted (forcibly if necessary) from the hands of Americans.. to fund things/stuff/garbage we leave to the discretion of this magical entity (drone bombing an American teenager in Yemen).  And on.. and on..

At the time of my writing this blog.. the fate of Jodi Arias, confessed killer, hangs in the balance.  The irony is kinda overwhelming..  A killer is to have her fate determined by a jury of her peers.. Americans..  who comprise a govt. of/by/for the people that is guilty of murdering thousands and thousands of people (with impunity)…

Will those who enable/ignore our murderous government see enough of themselves in Jodi Arias to acquit?  Will they see enough of themselves in bloodthirsty Jodi to inflict the same pain?  Commit the same crime?  Sentence her to death?  Tune in.. because this tattered, burning “experiment in democracy” has yet to plummet into the “shining sea.”


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